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    I'm afraid I can't get to the actual power supply to take a photo... I have 15 consoles all going into the same telly with all the power leads in a ball hidden in a wicker basket which I can't really start going through (BTW I turn all this off when not in use!).

    Regardless I'd bet the step down converter isn't even sold any more, believe it or not it's a hand-me-down and I think at least 15 years old. It might have actually been bought in the USA too so I think you'd just waste time if you tried to find the model.

    For AV I have to use an RGB cable and you probably will too. A lot of PAL TVs support 60hz just fine but not actual NTSC and will just display a black and white picture from actual US equipment. Just look on ebay for a SNES, N64, Gamecube or Wii RGB cable, they should all be the same. I got mine from a seller called ninjascastle if that helps.
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