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    Dear PC Format,
    I have finally downloaded the shareware version of Radix from my favourite BBS SwordClash (my friend Gary Staines is the sysop there. Hello Gary!) and it is firmly ensconced onto a trusty Verbatim 5.25" floppy. I am getting an IRQ conflict on boot when I have my mouse plugged in, which is a must for this game I am told. Is there a way edit the autoexec.bat on the storage medium?

    PC FORMAT: Yes, you can utilise a new mouse driven editor called "edit" which is included in the core installation of Microsoft's new Windows 95 operating system which *image fades away*

    Ahh, memories. Could you imagine if we had access to the internet but we still had (for some unfathomable reason) Speccy/C64 loading times? Don't know they're born, etc.

    *fuck off, old man! We don't want your kind here!*
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