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    The.Kimbers wrote:
    I must admit at lvl 36 hunter I am always broke..how the fu@k can I get 100g for a mount without resorting to begging?!

    I am in STV at the moment and am getting loads of XP from the numerous quests, but money is hard to come by!

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    I'm at lvl 37 and am sitting on a pile of about 200G and its all thanks to the auctioneer addon. Get it, then park an alt at the auction house in SW or IF (for gods sake don't use the neutral AHs) and run a scan of prices every day to get a feel for prices, you'll be amazed at what some things go for. Then to save having to make runs to the AH all the time just post stuff to the alt and then send the profits back :)

    If you've got skinning or herbalism at the moment you should be laughing as the whole 'war effort' thing has really inflated the prices of various leathers and flowers :)
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