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    Venkman90 wrote:
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    I just started playing this. I'm a level 34 Warrior, and it's a pretty decent game so far. Admittedly, I really don't know that much about it. It's just something to play in the summer in between work for me.

    It will go one of two ways, you will casually play it to 80, then:

    1. The lack of solo gameplay will get to you, you will BG for honour, do some PUG's and dailys but essentially the lack of chasing that "ding" will get to you, you will play less and less and roll some alts but the idea of going through all that AGAIN will drag you down. You will quit.

    2. You made some friends while leveling up, you do the odd 5-man with them at 80, you get chatting to some guys in a raiding guild who are looking for a tank, your gear needs work but you posses the skills. You get geard up and are suddenly the off-tank for 24 other people, you MT when the other guys is away, they need you to clear content. You raid 4 nights a week, grind pots the other 3. You never see your friends and a girlfriend is a ludicrous suggestion, you work just to pay for WoW and spend most of your time in the office on WoW websites.

    Eventually you burn out and quit. So it's your call ;)

    Haha, number 1 sounds like the most likely option.

    And I'm a girl, so a girlfriend is a ludicrous suggestion anyway. Well, yes.
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