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    Venkman90 wrote:
    rodpad wrote:
    That certainly used to be true in that we used to have to wait for a random proc before we did any sort of decent damage, meaning trash would be dead before we even landed a procced spell most of the time. That or we'd proc straight away. Silly bursty DPS.

    Balance druids now have a tug of war Eclipse bar that benefits a magic school when you reach either end and doesn't decay with time, only successful spells cast. Moonkin dots also got a massive buff to smooth out our DPS too.

    Moonkins do indeed look shit. They're long overdue a makeover.

    The one thing that puts me off Balance is Moonkin form. Tree of Life is now a buff which means Resto Druids actually get to see their armour in a raid now but Ferals and Owlkins are still stuck in "forms" 90% of the time.

    I think Balance should go the way of Resto frankly and make it a temp buff.


    /is still in mourning for his permanent Tree form

    When you're showing off your armour, do it in a city or an RP meeting. When you're on the job then focus on the fights, not the armour of your chums. I have no problem with no visible armour when I'm working and pushing the DPS. Anyway, surely the bigger concern from that standpoint would be flight form. Now you can fly just about anywhere (stupid BC starter zones and TB daily island), you must hate to not be able to show off your armour. Personally I'm off laughing at my ability to start falling before needing to switch (yay, jump off cliff then start flying. None of this sitting down and summoning a flying beast to help you into the air) and to loot and use items without having to land on the ground (I know, one day Bliz will take that away from us. It is just so handy for daily collection / use item quests where we can never touch the floor and aggro the melee enemies or slow down from full speed for longer than it takes to use/collect the quest item).

    The Eclipse bar can be a bit of a pain (when you're up you're DPS king, when you're recharging you're lagging behind, so in boss battles we even out to good but on trash we have no choice but to sometime be behind as we were recharging for most of the fight) but the DoTs do benefit from it but don't deplete it when it is up. This means in solo and fun/helping lowbies/seeing older content you missed you can get your Eclipse up and then only DPS through the DoTs.

    And Moonfire spam. Blizzard saw and they acted; they acted weirdly. We not only get a skill that means after the first cast of Moonfire (which converts to Sunfire if the other proc for Eclipse is up for the other magic school, basically Moonfire changes to march the type of magic that Eclipse is currently buffing), if you move around and don't stay still, you get a major buff to the initial damage of the first hit; but it also reduces the mana cost of the Moonfire/Sunfire by 99.9%. When I dance about then I can spam Eclipse buffed Sunfire on the GCD timer for 24 mana a shot doing 6k damage (12k crits). No, it isn't as much damage as doing a proper rotation but whatever your in combat mana regen, it'll mean you can do this forever and still be at full mana and you have to be on the move. So when you're running about then this is your spell. If you're kiting then remember to refresh Insect Swarm but this will be your major damage contribution to the kite. The Eclipse will never be used up, everyone wins. Of course, if you're kiting something serious then you'll be proc'ing the instant cast buff for Starsurge and adding that to your attacks so a 20k instant hit but it does use up 15 of your Eclipse bar (starts at 100, when it hits 0 you lose the buff). Rather than make Starsurge change like Moonfire to match the Eclipse buff, they just made up a new magic type for it that is both types at the same time so it also gains both buffs from Eclipse.

    It is silly, but also incredibly fresh and fun. When I have to do a daily I can't help myself but burn down to enemies with the spam.
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