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    Guild levels make a new guild daunting and rep makes you bonded to your current if you play it at 80-cap (1-60 seems to give very little guild xp, possibly due to the exponential xp curve of the game not being a perfect match for the rep curve). Not sure I'm too convinced this'll be a good thing for the game as a whole, especially with the cap making every guild crippled compared to the competition for the first few months of existence.

    A 10% XP boost for alts (boosted to 25% with heirlooms), fast travel for dead, and 5-20% boosts to just about everything else (Honour, JPs, less Dur hit, rep, mount speed, gather results) isn't massive but it does add to the reduction of any grinds and general ease of play (15 min hearths for example of great utility for fast travel)
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