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    Venkman90 wrote:
    Thats the thing I miss, Blizzard created the greatest game world I have ever seen and now you can either fly right over it or just get teleported everywhere.

    Exactly the reason I finally stopped playing, post-Cata.

    There's no point in having a game 'world' any longer. Flying mounts, fine but dungeon ports kill any feeling of distance. It may as well be Guild Wars, as towns work in exactly the same way in WoW now. They're just central dungeon hubs.

    Also, the PUG tool utterly killed any social aspect that the game once had. No longer can you group with a random bunch of people and potentially forge friendships, join Guilds or any of that cool stuff. PUG > Grind > Disband. Rinse and repeat.

    Pretty tragic really.
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