#9021516, By eruairun Have we forgotten about Earthshock?

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    I bet to many readers, which hero has earthshock may be

    unfamiliar. (HINT: THE HERO IS OVERPOWERED) Why though? This is

    one of the best standard skills in the game. It's really absurd

    yet no one really seems to use it or give it any appretiation.

    Lets do a quick comparison shall we?
    Earthshock level 4:
    75 (!) mana
    6 (!) sec cd
    385 aoe
    4 second duration
    55% slow

    Now lets take a look at thunder clap:
    150 mana (lol..)
    12 (lol...) sec cd
    400 aoe
    4.25 second duration
    300 damage
    55% slow

    It's pretty obvious which is better. Now, the question is, why do

    we not abuse this? Panda finds his clap pretty amazing and he's a

    really good hero. Why doesn't ursa? 75 mana is really easy to get

    and if we spam this skill our little pedo bear becomes really

    scary early game without even needing to attack. You can aid your

    allies a fuck tonne and you don't suffer the same risk of getting

    kited. You can still rosh reasoably early if you get some levels

    of swipes.

    The skill build in question would be something like:
    ES: 2,4,5,7
    O: 3, 8, 9, 13
    FS: 1, 10, 12, 14

    Item wise, you'd need a slight bit more mana due to casting it a

    bit more, but consider you'll be using overpower less. I can see

    some interesting Jango / Blademail builds.

    The big question: Is this better than standard builds that max

    overpower / fury swipes first? I don't completely know but here

    are some pros:

    1 - Flash farming potential
    2 - More reliable damage and ganking potential as harder to kite
    3 - Sort of escape mech
    4 - Not entirely useless when overpower / enrage is cd

    1 - Less burst damage
    2 - A bit more mana

    Do note you can still rosh pretty easily as long as your allies

    help you out. The earthshock build can adress ursas problem of

    being too easily kited, as even if you do, your allies can still

    take advantage. You lose out on some of your burst damage early

    game but your killing potential can actually increase due to this


    TLDR: Earthshock has great stats. Is it worth getting early and

    delaying your other skills?
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