#9028796, By dogbot Your top 3 'must listen' albums - the past 3 years, and EVER!

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    Gastr del Sol - Upgrade & Afterlife

    Ahead of Crookt, Crackt, or Fly?

    Not disagreeing, but interested. :)
    Oh yes, quite a way ahead.
    If only for the cover of Fahey's Dry Bones in the Valley, or Kevin Drumm's "guitar solo" at the beginning of Our exquisite replica of Eternity.
    Or its extraordinary array of "guest stars" (Tony Conrad !).
    It's also very well structured : after the opening, you get two sequances of three "songs" that reflect each other : for instance "Hello Spiral"'s harsh electronics are counterparts to "Dry Bones"' acoustic revery (if you will). Both then segue to repetitive, minimalist figures.
    I love that record !
    Nice. I haven't played that one in a long time. I will revisit it. Tbh, Crookt is the only one that gets regular plays any more. Clearly, an error on my part. :)
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