#9033880, By myiagros Any reason for The Last Guardian NOT to be developed for the PS4?

  • myiagros 26 Sep 2012 11:23:32 1,405 posts
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    There is EVERYTHING to gain and absolutely NOTHING to lose by doing so.
    Except for the fact that this as relatively niche game, so they would benefit, more so than most, from having the largest addressable market possible to maximise sales.

    Therefore the 2-3 million PS4 customers at launch might not provide a large enough audience to make it financially viable, escpecially given its extremely long production time.

    If Sony were happy to mark it down as a loss leader to maximise specialist press attention, and promote the launch catalogue as being diverse, then it might work.

    It certainly sounds like Team ICO have been having significant production issues, so the inveitable increase in avaiable performance might help them overcome any technicle problems.
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