#9042687, By itsfuzzy Xbox account hacked for Fifa 13 DLC

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    convercide wrote:
    @Andee Neither have been willing to accept the blame. However, I think I can shed some light on this...

    When I worked in Canada, I worked for a call centre. The company basically took contracts from major companies like Microsoft. I worked for them but helped Dell PC owners for example. Now, I know that one of (at least) of their call centres had an XBox Live support contract (not suggesting they had them all, for example Dell also sub-leased their tech support to another 2 companies). Now I know the kind of people I was working with. Most of them were great and took their job seriously. Not all of them were. Security at this place was a joke. I obviously didn't but I could have written down credit card numbers including CVC codes if I was that unscrupulous. Xbox support have access to all your e-mail account information. And I mean all of it. All it takes is a place with shitty security like that to not notice people make down notes they need to then call in to Tech Support themselves and get the e-mail password reset. It's far more simple than Microsoft make it out to be.
    Very very interesting, seemed like an inside job. But why are all the hacks going on Fifa DLC? There must be an EA connection
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