#9041028, By Pac-man-ate-my-wife Help with hard drive space - massive User folder?

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    I should probably start by saying I'm not massively tech savvy. I try and ensure my computer is virus free and updated, back-up my files regularly and clean out the recycle bin, downloads folders and caches on a semi-regular basis but that's about it.

    I've got a partitioned hard-drive in my Dell laptop which has about 60GB dedicated to OS and programmes (with the other partition of 240gb where photos, music, media etc is all kept) however this is filling up. Having a quick look at the folder sizes and there are two that are taking up the lions share:
    Windows - 23.6GB
    Users - 19.3GB
    (with Programme Files taking up about 5GB)

    Windows I guess is right (?) however there are only 3 folders in the User folder and together they seem to add up to less than a 1gb size so am I missing something or overlooking something?

    Any help appreciated.
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