#9042575, By m0dm0use Over 18 area suggestion for 2013 - Help us help everyone - ID once checked upon wrist band collectio

  • m0dm0use 30 Sep 2012 09:22:16 11 posts
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    I am probably not the only one to be getting annoyed in being asked for id every time entering that area, with that in mind 2013 needs to evolve and yes this may be difficult to get done and might cost more but if it means no more lost time to showing ID it has to be worth it.

    I present to you my idea that will work.

    These wrist bands we wear now they are different colours would it not be possible to have two variations of that colour one for under 18's and one for over 18's the ID can and should be checked upon collecting the wrist band, once confirmed then the appropriate band could be given.

    For example four day silver - plain silver if over 18 and if under 18 then silver with red dots.

    Then when walking to the over 18 area they check the wrist band, it will be quicker to slow down the entry process once than to slow down multiple times.

    If anyone else has ideas on speeding up entry into the over 18 area.

    I would like this to be put in place for the future to make it a more pleasent experience entering, on the first day hardly anyone was checked then on friday most and saturday nearly everyone.
    I'm sure at one point there was a que to get in the over 18 area on Saturday.
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