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    Carbon_Altered wrote:
    [...] If they could just turn the acceleration down, I worry that I'd lose some of the tension.
    The star-ship is going through a dense debris field. You have already told the reader that the AI has an eye on all that crap so that it does not harm to the ship.
    So the pirates could use that to inject some code for less crushing acceleration.

    It would have to be sneaky (as in less acceleration) and knowing that it would only ever go undetected by the AI if it did not go for to long. Knowing the margin of error that the AIs will ignore gives them something to play with while maintaining tension because they have to be quick and the G forces are still horrid and work around to save their lives would have to be very short or risk detection.
    And stuff.
    Just some random ideas. Discard and use at your own leisure.
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