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    sunjumper wrote:
    Damn I wanted to answer earlier, but I am in an internship that is eating my life right now.

    Thanks for the kind words. They actually have a positive effect and are much appreciated.

    I would kill you for not updating but I still have to read your last chapter (which I really want to do) so my shame is as great as yours. For now it's a stalemate.

    Are you still alive?
    Don't you give up now!

    Dude! Editing a literary magazine is like the best excuse for not editing your own stuff. You get to diss other peoples writing (and steal their good stuff)

    Never give up. When you start a story it stays started it is never to late to continue. Trust me.
    I'd am looking forward to reading your story, I just wish I had some kind of Time creating device that I could use to create all the temporal resources to get everything done that I'd like to do!

    See it from this perspective it means that you are along the ride just like the readers. Go in end enjoy. Worst case scenario send in the guys with the guns and sort the rest out later.

    I have not forgotten you! Will return to your story. Hopefully sooner than later.

    Are you still alive?

    You are still a hero.
    I think I've been ill for about a month now and it's really sucked the enthusiasm out of me for pretty much everything other than vegetating in front of the telly/console, so I'm way behind. Need to get back on the horse soon or I risk losing track of everything in my head.

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