#9049879, By cloud360 Petition to fire Yoichi Wada gets 15,000 sigs in 15 days

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    If yo uread the eptition it says why people want him fired. Reasons include:

    1)Moving Square Enix's headquarters based on advice from a fortune teller named Pao (no joke, look it up)

    2) Silly comments like this in regard to FF13: "Mass Effect and Fallout allow the players to play with more freedom, and within their story-lines it is quite successful. But we're more interested in things such as first person shooters like Call of Duty." [Source: techdigest]

    3)His recent failure with FF14 is just one of them.

    4)Another is the huge damage done to the FF brand which he admitted himself. FF used to be known for its amazing stories and turn based atb battle systems where you can control all the characters...suddenly they want to make it like COD?

    5)Making a sequel to the the terrible FF13 game that no one asked for (which by the way sold 66% less than FF13 and sold 66% less than even FF10-2, not good signs for the series)

    6)The mangement under Wada is a disaster : annoucing games like FF versus 13 more than 7 years before its released is not a good idea
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