#9052642, By Inertia Booth Babes and the Expo

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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    It's not dictating what women can wear. It's dictating what women can wear when they are commercial employees promoting a game.

    I'm sure I could turn up in a boob tube and hot pants and no one will care.
    I'm sure the clothes they wear has been agreed by the employers. It's a third party that takes offence. But ultimately if you are advertising a product and it upsets people why would you keep doing it unless it doesn't really upset people. If it did these things would have stopped long ago.


    Well if a women wants to wear hot pants and boob tube but is otherwise decent in the sense of being covered up enough and you don't allow it then you are dictating what she can wear.

    But I repeat I don't disagree with the policy as Rauper wanted the focus to be on developers interacting with the public and wanted a more serious vibe to the show. That's fine.
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