#9053274, By dreamsagency Booth Babes and the Expo

  • dreamsagency 3 Oct 2012 17:47:14 2 posts
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    I think its a real shame as the majority of visitors are young males who obviously love computer games and also love girls, it just makes the whole day even more enjoyable.

    I don't think having girls at the event will mean your unlikely to play any of the games or will effect your computer game/accessory wish list!

    You would not expect the Autosport exhibition organisers to ban promo girls as they are taking the attention away from the cars! Its one of those things that adds to the experience. Computer games & girls, Cars & girls, drink & girls, this all goes hand in hand.

    Bottom line, don't ban promo girls, just maybe ask the companies to tone down the clothing (Virgin).

    Thanks for reading.
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