#9053580, By Jonny_n00bhead Booth Babes and the Expo

  • Jonny_n00bhead 3 Oct 2012 19:55:28 20 posts
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    @PhoenixFlames Problem is that it gives off the wrong message, I think it's just a case that there was a minority of the attendees that took things a little too far over the past weekend.

    I, myself, was working as an event volunteer on the Thursday of the expo, I was a little surprised to see some of the girls from Virgin Media walking around in spandex top and hotpants, but the one time I had walked past them, there was a group of post-teenage males (I could say want they look like, but let's not make this a racism issue) who thought it would of been OK to squeeze the girls rear's while posing for photos with them.

    From an organiser's point of view, I can see why that sort of behaviour cannot be tolerated.
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