#9285862, By waggy79 Booth Babes and the Expo

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    Mr-Brett wrote:
    waggy79 wrote:
    No one is pointing a gun at these girls heads. Its no different to page 3 or any 'glamour' modelling. They're getting well paid for very little 'work' in most cases. Don't see the big deal personally.
    Again that seems to be an assumption, I'm not saying it's wrong but how do you know?
    The well paid part was aimed more at the photoshoot, glamour model lot tbh. I have no idea what booth babes get and am not assuming its great money. It may not be. But it is money at the end of the day and if its paying the bills that's the bottom line.

    As I say no one is stopping them getting a 'normal' job in retail or whatever, but if theyre blessed with the looks to do that instead of Primark then good on 'em. The choice is theirs though ultimately.
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