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    Hold the front page!

    Two more games managed to make their way onto the store as a result of a monumental Sony screw up :p.

    Cardboard Castle is a neat looking game of puzzles. It's quite expensive for a PSM title though.

    However, the headline game I was talking about before is also out (wasn't due online until 26th June :S). Cytus Lambda is a new exclusive to PSM version of the original Cytus rhythm game on iOS and Android. The game is free and comes with 10 songs (Chapter 1).

    To get the full collection of songs though, you'll need to chuck in a whopping 9.69 to unlock another 5 chapters plus 10 songs exclusive to the PSM version (Prologue) and all future chapters will be made available at no extra cost. In comparison, the iOS version is about 7.47 to get the game plus 2 extra chapters (Android has the best deal at 1.49 for the full game but I believe it's not got the extra chapters yet - not checked).

    Well worth a poke around. It's at least easier to understand than DJ Max Technika Tune, and since it's not out in Europe, it's your best alternative :p. Note that to get either game, you must tap the banner on the PSM store page as they're not in the Latest section.


    Oh, and a quick video of Cytus Lambda from an iPad:

    Cardboard Castle - 5.49
    Cytus Lambda - FREE (10 songs, full game unlock 9.69)

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