#9054859, By DiamondIce When did Eurogamer become Gamasutra?

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    Tomahawk wrote:
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    It's a site that now hosts its own 50000 person attending games expo and has decided that one element that hasn't been much of a factor of any of the previous 4 is something it doesn't want to have any more.

    I do wonder how many people whinging about Rauper's decision actually fucking went to the Expo in the first place?
    The booth babes decision matters to me not because of the decision but because of the reasoning behind it. I had planned to check out an EG expo and whether booth babes were going to be there never factored into the decision. I am really turned off from going now because of the light they have framed gamers in and their general attitude towards sexuality.
    Get your dick out for the girls. Show us all that you are a true red-blooded male.

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