#9063259, By dogbot What is it that makes music special for you?

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    Think of music...

    What does it mean for you in your life?

    Pretty much everything. Entertainment, heart, soul, breath. It lifts me up, calms me down and everything in between.

    Which songs do have a special power over you? And why?

    There's far too many to list. But this one, for example, tears me up...

    Why? Well, it's about missing someone. Or someones. It gets me in the soul.

    What is your favourite type of music?


    Why does it work for you?

    Because at heart, I'm still a snotty, aggressive little shitbag. :D

    Which song(s) have a special power over you?
    What makes these songs so magical?

    Isn't this the same question we just did up there minus the extraneous "do"?

    What music would you erase from the books of history?

    I wouldn't. I'm not the arbiter of the right of art to exist. Just ignore it. There's nothing in culture that can't be ignored, but there's no mileage for showing people how much you've suffered that way, so most people prefer to take personal offense and bang on about the horror of whatever they're "offended" by.

    And what exactly does it do to you that you have no choice but hate it?

    Not really relevant, given the above, but there's so much wonderful music out there, that I don't really have time for stuff that does nothing for me. If I hate something, I simply don't spend my valuable time with or around it.

    When you think of musicians what are the archetypes which appear in front of your inner eye?

    If you're really writing a book, I'd leave pretentious crap like this on the cutting room floor, tbh.

    Which music/ musician do you love despite you having the sneaking suspicion that you really shouldn't?

    I don't buy into the whole guilty pleasures thing. Fuck that. If you like something, why be guilty about it? Fuck what anyone else thinks.
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