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    Excellent game. I've completely missioned it and have nearly got all the masks, just 2 to go.

    You need to get used to using melee, you can also chees a lot of sections by abusing doorways. Both the knockdown and the ambushing. Enemies that hear gunshots will run to the source of the sound but will either revert to their old patrol or on some occasions start patrolling the area of the gunshot. Use this to divide and conquer.

    Bladed weapons are awesome but be aware that only the knife can insta-kill when thrown otherwise they just knockdown. Don't be afraid to run into a room swinging like mad, you'll be surprised. The Don Juan mask insta-kills enemies caught by a swinging door, it's the best mask for a good portion of the game.

    There's 2 endings, you need to find all the scrabble tiles and complete the 'Puzzle' option in the pause menu to unlock it. The Rasmus mask will help you find them all.

    Most masks are awarded for beating the par score for the level, but there are a few that can be found in some of the levels. Rasmus mask will make them pulsate like a pickup.

    (Actually, the Masks pulsate without Rasmus, it just exaggerates the effect)

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