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    Having only played Demon's Souls briefly, I'd say comparisons with Hotline Miami are short of the mark. The only real commonality are that you die a lot in both. Thing is, you instantly respawn in Hotline so it's not a problem.

    An overview:

    Each level consists of a bunch of rooms crawling with guards (say 10-20). You have to take them all out. The difficulty stems from you having as much health as them, or less in some cases. You die in one hit basically. To succeed, you study their routes and learn which badguy is covering which other badguy's ass. Then you strike. It gets hairy if you're sloppy such as shooting a shotgun near a crowded room or get spotted snapping someone's neck.

    For me it's like oldskool GTA meets the old Commandos games, all doused in 80s neon, synths and electro. I personally didn't find it that difficult and I didn't find it frustrating once. There are semi-bosses that take some perseverance but once you nail them you feel like Jason Bourne.

    I can't recommend it enough. And for 3.50 or whatever it'll be in the sale, you must buy it.
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