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    Had mine long enough now for the shiny shiny factor to have worn off (thankfully the black chamfer is still unscathed) and I'm totally sold on the form factor. After the initial uurgh at the resolution, the weight and convenience completely outweigh the loss of retina. I do find myself using Reader in Safari a little more (and also that handy javascript bookmarklet to quickly increase text size) as small text suffers the worse. I can read it fine, but it's a little ugly, and larger text makes the pixels less noticeable.

    I was previously completely disinterested in iOS games, but the mini has totally rekindled it, much more pleasant device for gaming than the biggie imo.

    I suppose if your iPad never leaves the house and you don't use a laptop much, the 9.7" is still the preferred option, but I doubt I'll be going near a bigger iPad again. MBA + mini is a nice combo. Only hope the retina mini has a better quality screen along with higher resolution, the colours are pretty drab compared with my 3rd gen, and positively mundane next to the samoled+ screen in my old Tab 7.7.

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