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    Dante_Cubit wrote:
    Just wondering what you folks thought was the best cellular deal going? I'd like a least a gig a month and preferably a short term contract if possible.
    I buy Three 3gb three month data sims off Amazon for about a tenner, and cut them down to nano size. You can can actually get them cheaper, about 7, if you do all that quidco shit.


    Alternatively, if you have access to an unlocked iPhone, you can get a T-Mobile prepaid sim for about 10, activate it in the iPhone, and get 500mb/month for 12 months. You read that right, a one off payment of 10 for 12 months of 500mb/month. I used to do it but find I generally use about a 1gb a month these days.

    Unless you require more than a 1gb/month I advise against the monthly rolling contract with Three. They're an absolute ballache to escape from, I spent an hour on the phone to New Delhi cancelling mine a year or two ago. Otherwise, Three ftmfw, love them, use them with my phone, unlimited data for much cheapness.

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