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    Ideally Safari would have the option for larger text, but don't you get the feeling Apple's pettiness/arrogance means it'll never happen as it'd be an admission that text at that res/physical size isn't ideal?

    Kind of like the lack of wifi/bluetooth toggles. It's understandable in the sense there's no widgets officially, but there's the suggestion Apple are never likely to offer the facility (even if iOS7 brought widgets) as they want to promote idevices as things which require minimal access or fiddling with settings. In theory, NFC or similar could bring automated settings changes like already exist on certain Android phones. In the meantime, why the fuck we can't have toggles in Notification Centre is beyond me. NCSettings, via jailbreak, was simple and elegant at doing just that. That, and Zephyr are the jb tweaks I miss the most :( (I'm talking really about iPhone jailbreak, not arsed about jbing iPads, I don't change the settings much with it and it already has swipe up for multitasking bar)

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