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    I've put in a few seasons now and I'm not sure if I'm going to do much more. I've enjoyed moments in the game, but for me the whole match day experience feels far to scripted. I remember back in the old CM's where you just read the commentary and the tension and excitement just seemed a lot better because you were following the match minute by minute.

    In FM the game stops until there's a highlight which half the time you can predict exactly what will happen. (Eg: If one team is keeping procession for around a minute you know that they will end up scoring from the move in the end - or in matches you'll go through a succession of corners and you if you don't score the first you won't score from the rest).

    In my opinion what would be far better would be full matches scaled down to 5-6 mins where you are watching the entire match and can then make changes as you watch to try and influence matches. Nothing more frustrating than losing a game in the 80th minute so you decide to switch to all out attack and the timer ticks by without a single highlight till full time.

    TLDR: I love FM and the detail but I still find the whole match day experience a bit of a let down.
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