#9093154, By Fixxxer What was the last game disc you smashed in half?

  • Fixxxer 20 Oct 2012 23:09:25 1,315 posts
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    captainrentboy wrote:
    I'm more of a control pad bender myself.
    Get furious, try to snap 360 pad, hear it creak slightly and shit myself cuz I'm too cheap to buy another one.
    I also punch my own leg with fury, which really impresses my wife..
    Exactly this on both counts. If I punch anything it'll be my right thigh or on occasion whack myself in the head.

    But I fail to see how you can maintain the anger long enough to get up out of your seat, walk up to the xbox, press the eject button and wait for the disc tray to open before UNLEASHING HELL. I'd have come to my senses by then.
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