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    @kalel Agreed. People might not like games like Shenmue, but what Sega did with this game was ground breaking at the time. It was massively ambitious and equally a deep immersive world that contained insane attention to detail.

    Everyone NPC in Shenmue is up to their own thing in that world and can be caught at different hours of the day in different places working or in some daily routine. The town even gets decorated for Christmas or other celebrations according to the in-game clock.

    So, Shenmue might not be liked by everyone but the concept and world it developed as a game was revolutionary for the time. Shenmue was its own living, breathing world and no other company had made anything like it.

    Also, Soul Calibur is so awesome, probably my favourite 3D fighter. It's so fluid and fun and the graphics even to this day are beautiful.

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