#9108027, By MIckelsenWhiteLTD Singstar ad?!

  • MIckelsenWhiteLTD 26 Oct 2012 18:15:03 57 posts
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    I just turned on my PS3 to install the upgrade and it came back up with this giant BLUE background and a new icon.

    The first thing I thought was "Jesus. How drunk was I last weekend?" and tried to triangle it for info. That didn't work so I just said "What the fuck?" out loud a few times, walked around in tiny confused circles holding the controller and logged in here.

    It's annoying me already. It's so bloody BLUE. It certainly shouldn't be the default. I don't ever plan on playing the game so it would be much nicer if I could hide it. I'll have stern words about this with Rodger Sony if I ever meet him.
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