#9102394, By Machetazo Dark Matter: a space-set platformer from the makers of Nuclear Dawn.

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    Dark Matter is a side scrolling platformer with a lot of exploration, branching upgrade paths and levels that open up as you acquire new equipment. There is a lot of motivation to go back and revisit old locations so that you may unlock more and more resources and blueprints. In that respect, itís a straight up Metroidvania game.

    But then thereís this other side of the game. Youíre alone, and vulnerable against an overwhelming force. Unless you have the reflexes of a supreme gaming god, walking into a room lights blazing will just get you killed. In Dark Matter, you are low on resources and health, your enemies are very powerful and even the simplest critter can kill you with ease, if you let them catch you unaware.

    You must carefully decide whether to craft yourself ammo, or health, or weapon upgrades, and once you commit resources to one of those, you wonít be able to go back on your decisions easily...there is a lot of action, and a lot of exploration, but the sense of impending doom never quite leaves you, because you canít be quite sure whatís coming out of the shadows next.
    Interwave has recently released what they're calling an Alpha Teaser, alongside their bid for Steamdom, through Greenlight.

    The rest of the interview that the quoted text description is taken from, can be read here. They cover a fair bit.

    The game has an official page, with media, info and updates at:
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