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    monkehhh wrote:
    If this is new -

    Guest Post: Robert Florence On The Eurogamer Incident

    - if not, soz!
    Good man, hope he bounces back from this. Looks like the decision to amend the article wasn't taken lightly if Rab's words are to believed and the fact that it's still up on the front page is a good sign. It's message is still there, if not the specific examples.

    *EDIT* Bugger top of the page. I'll stick in Dan Whitehead's reply to that article (from the comments):
    My big fear in all of this is exactly what has happened: a very important debate has been stifled because the industry loves a juicy drama more than it loves credibility. The wrong points were seized upon, the wrong people were focused on and now everyone is weary and angry and jaded and just wants to forget it ever happened. And they will. Most already have. Iím glad you wrote your original piece, and Iím glad Tom published it, just as Iím sad it led to your leaving Eurogamer and Tom was forced into a horrible decision. Itís a sick, sorry and shameful business and all the wrong people Ė yourself, Eurogamer, even Lauren to a certain extent Ė have suffered for it while the real manipulators get to shuffle back into the shadows.
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