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  • PrivateFloyd 15 Mar 2013 16:59:40 5,079 posts
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    So it did come today, that's frankly awesome considering I ordered it just before 4pm yesterday.

    So, apps. Sorry for most likely repeating what has already been covered but this is my first foray into Android.


    1. Do I need to have an app to optimise battery consumption?
    2. Is it recommended to force quit apps or do they idle along in the background not slurping much power. The battery page in the settings frankly scares me compared to closed system of ios!!
    3. Any recommendations for the best app to generate custom widgets?
    4. Is there a calendar which is recommended over the stock one?

    More questions will come I am sure but first impressions I'm loving it. Actually quite liberating to not be using an iphone!

    /still love my ipad mini though
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