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    PrivateFloyd wrote:
    So it did come today, that's frankly awesome considering I ordered it just before 4pm yesterday.

    So, apps. Sorry for most likely repeating what has already been covered but this is my first foray into Android.


    1. Do I need to have an app to optimise battery consumption?
    2. Is it recommended to force quit apps or do they idle along in the background not slurping much power. The battery page in the settings frankly scares me compared to closed system of ios!!
    3. Any recommendations for the best app to generate custom widgets?
    4. Is there a calendar which is recommended over the stock one?

    More questions will come I am sure but first impressions I'm loving it. Actually quite liberating to not be using an iphone!

    /still love my ipad mini though
    You shouldn't need any battery doohickey.  Just use it for a few days first and get past the 'new gadget, must play' stage and into normal usage and see how you get on.  If you find you're hammering the battery then consider dialling things back.  Remember the GPS is always on and you need to go into location settings to turn it off.

    As I have a fairly set daily routine Ive automated most of the turning on and off of WiFi Bluetooth GPS etc based on time of day.  I get through a a day quite easily and I tend to listed to quite a lot of music.

    Most apps will trundle along nicely in the background if they're designed to.  Others will quit but android remembers where you left them and you should be able to jump back in the from the recent apps list.

    There are loads of options for widgets built right in from bookmarks, direct dial, text email contacts directions for one click navigation etc.  If there something specific you're trying to do more than likely someone can help you.

    The stock calendar works fine for me but I use simple calender widget to display a nice clean agenda on one of my screens.

    Of all the people I've talked over to android the outstanding 'niggle' that most comment on is the back button not reacting how they expect.  It has its own logic and you will get used to it.  What I think blows most peoples mind who try android after iOS is the sharing features through the intent system.

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