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    Already purchased my good man!

    So I have spent the weekend with my Nexus and I have got to say I am bowled over. Seriously.

    It took me 3 days to decide how to customise my screens but it now literally feels like a phone built around my needs rather than having to conform to the OS.

    App purchases so far;

    SwiftKey - didn't think I would be impressed by a keyboard app, I was wrong!

    AirDroid - simple, effective.

    Nova Prime - fantastic to continue customising.

    WidgetLocker - customise lock screen, excellent app.

    PowerAmp - why the fuck can you do not this on an iPhone?!

    PowerToggles - I thought the toggle widget was a bit threadbare so this solved that problem.

    Contacts+ - better than the stock phone app in my opinion.

    Anywho, loving it.

    Some questions for those who may be in the know.

    When i review what apps are running it gives me an option to view cached processes. Is there any reason to stop these processes? Do they affect performance?

    The iPhone allows you to "kill" apps running when you double press the home button? Is there similar functionality on the Nexus or is simply not required. The only thing I am conscious of is draining the battery unnecessarily.

    Anyone using a different messages app to the stock one?

    Any apps that allow you to take screengrabs? or is that functionality already there and I have missed it.
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