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    Don't understand that at all. I would class myself as medium to high user and i unplug my phone at 7am and when i go to bed at around midnight I generally have between 20%-40% remaining.

    It really is a remarkable piece of kit.

    I have put myself in a right pickle however. Short version. My work pays for my sim contract, my old iphone 4 was mine. Last year they said my sim was not eligible to receive a handset (fair enough I thought, they pay for all calls, data etc). So I treated myself to a Nexus 4.

    Yesterday, one of the directors tells me they are upgrading at the end of the year and I am welcome to whatever the newest iphone is for nowt. Obviously I can't take the handset off them and not use it so I'm faced with either jumping back on ios at the end of the year or politely refusing the phone.

    /ponders when the next google phone is due out....
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