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    SparkyMarky81 wrote:
    I hated my last job so I simply started looking for another.

    I know it's pretty hard going finding jobs in some parts of the Country but if you have the opportunity, get out of your shit job. It's so worth it.

    A shit job can really make you feel shit about yourself and before you know it, will affect other aspects of your life negatively.
    Totally agree. My last job was with a big international bunch of arse heads and I went there under the promise of rapid promotion, opportunities to work abroad, high level of training etc. At this point I had been in the trade for about yen years and as they mainly employed CHEAP inexperienced people I was one of the best engineers they had.  After a year or so in the electrical workshop I was asked to take over the lifting gear workshop. As there was hardly any proper stuff there I arranged for proper equipment to be installed, visited other main lifting depots to gain an understanding of what was needed , 'borrowed' some gear from them and went on several specialist courses. After all that, I went to the area manager, showed him what I had done (basically set up a fully functioning lifting gear workshop with full testing and storage facilities and earned numerous training course certificates) asking when I would be made supervisor and was told quite plainly that I was a mere trainee and had never been told I would be a workshop or depot supervisor. Within three months I had found myself a job at an independent company, told the depot manager and area manger that they were wankers and Ileft for my new workshop. I am in my thirteenth year here now, have full control over the workshop and get on well with everyone here from the owners to the cleaners.
    To summarize, work can be shit, and if it is,  do what  spaekymarky says, and what I did. Get another job, in the same trade or something new. Don't let work drag you down.
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