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    ronuds wrote:
    There are a million ways the prequels were terrible. Picking out a "biggest problem" can't be easy!

    In the end, they just didn't have any of the magic that made the originals special. The actors, plot, writing, setting, etc. All terrible.
    After slogging through the prequels on Bluray before moving onto IV. The biggest slaps you in the face difference, is the lack of character based comedy. The droids are a pretty classic double act, Chewie has some good moments. Han also, but he really kicks in when they rescue Leia. Even Obi Wan gets in with "Who's the bigger fool. The fool, or the fool, who follows him?"

    Not jokes, per se, but character based banter. In the prequels all the characters are far too earnest, like Luke. The only attempts at comedy, are pathetic slapstick fair, like Jar Jar electrocuting his tongue.
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