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    Shit you're a Sith. You're evil and lie. Best tell the committee. Oh you say you can help me with my bit of crumpet? That must be true. Okay then. Hack, slash. Yes, master.

    A three year old could come up with a better process. Not much betraying and murdering of the old self going on there. Anakin just decided to follow his pecker, believing a bunch of crap from a known wanker.
    It's not done that well and the quick fall to sith was one of the biggest criticisms of ROTS but it all basically ties to his mother and his inability to save her. When he sees Padme's death he is prepared to do anything to save her and stop losing someone again. Once Palpatine is revealed to him he offers his help to save her which Anakin, obsessed with stopping the death he has already seen, takes but this puts him on the path of the dark side and the apprentice to a Sith Lord who's bidding he will do.

    It would have made sense if it was done better in the movie but then a lot of things should have been done better with the prequels. :)
    I'll grant people, that on the first couple of viewings it doesn't feel convincing, partly because there is far too much to take in along with the mood shift with music/sunlight failing, different actors body language(eg Padmé), to even partially empathize with where he is at.

    After about the fifth time, most people who are properly concentrating while watching 1,2 and 3 will be affected by the subtle nuances (that all lead) to his act of turning to the darkside, in an obvious cowardly act that was building.

    He just betrayed the Jedi order completely, possibly having killed the second most powerful Jedi to help a surrogate uncle instead. One who is evil, and defines the clear line between dark and light. His options back into the Jedi fold look gone, when his justification of his actions are totally self motivated(by fear, the darkside), and his excuse of upholding the Jedi order's code wouldn't wash when the Senate/courts have been compromised and couldn't process the accused.

    You see his Jedi neuroses immediately after Mace spectacularly exits. As he then quickly turns to fear of being left in the presence of someone who could probably kill him. Even Anakin with his weapon isn't confident to control the Sith Lord. And it is some who's information he needs to combat the cause of his sleep deprivation/fear. Not to mention the impending fear to his secret(illegal Jedi) wife, and his unborn child.

    So he's quickly past the point of no return, after giving into his dark feelings, leaving his mind “lost” . “Twisted and evil” as Obi-Wan argues later, before succumbing to an inevitable fight to the death with his Jedi brother ,against blended real-life footage of Mount Etna errupting.
    Don't talk shit. He rolled a D6 and got a score lower than his Dark Side Points. Anyone who played the Star Wars RPG knows this.

    1 for going psycho at the Sand People. 1 for executing Dooku, 1 for killing Mace Windu. Rolled a 1, or 2 and........... Blam, Sith apprentice.

    The Tarantino Wars fails, as there's no boot opening from interior shot.
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