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    Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox is the most bizarre fun that I've ever had wandering around without any time limit.

    Bearing some similarities to the Dreamcast game (the Dreamcast game arguably features a better example of cel-shading actually and even some better details), the Xbox sequel / remimagining manages to make things both faster and yet slower at the same time. Faster because the Xbox game is much more of a true platformer with many more rails to grind on and much higher speed. More importantly, because there are no longer any police chasing you in game. Yet slower because there is no time limit so you can choose to go around in circles for nearly ever like you're in skaters heaven before you decide to find the next thing that you need to tag.

    Sadly, the previous 2 games do not suggest that high sales would be likely. But perhaps recent downloads of the Dreamcast game on the PS3 and Xbox360 are high enough to continue in some episodic form or the like. It would have big boots to fill but, take it from me, play the Xbox game because it is a far more ENJOYABLE experience than the Dreamcast one, although not necessarily any more of an artistic experience.
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