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    meme wrote:

    Direct Object Pronoun = a pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, etc) referencing a direct object (a thing that receives the action of a sentence).

    The problem I'm finding is that it's ridiculously hard to keep track of what the pronoun replaces - it's easy enough in just straightforward one-shot question/answer situations (IE "who's ball is that?" "it's his" ), but when it comes to more complex conversations I have difficulty actually conjugating the pronoun and verb for the missing object. Doubly so because Spanish conjugation includes gender as well as number and perspective.

    I speak Spanish (not native, but half-decent - halfway through a degree before I had to drop out due to moving away, used to work there, did an A level recently for fun etc) and I have no idea what any of the above means. Although I "acquired" most of my Spanish by working there and having Spanish friends, I never paid much attention when we learned grammar at school.

    Did a quick google and found this, any use?
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