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    JinTypeNoir wrote:
    Monster Shooter sounds like a fun game! There is so little exposure to these gems in the mainstream gaming media circus, so I applaud you for taking the time write reviews for them. I hope it gets localized for Japan someday -- lately more and more of these have been so here's hoping.

    About the review, I thought it was mostly very clear. It had a charming personality and friendly tone throughout it. I really like that I couldn't find a review score anywhere, but you gave a quick summary for people who want the gist of your review at the bottom. That's a great format. Also you mocked the quality of your screenshots, but for someone who seems to be doing it without capture software, I think you did an excellent job.

    A couple of criticisms though:

    -What's a perma-perk? Is it something from Call of Duty? Is it a perm meant to perk up you flat hair? Does the game have stats and are some of the perks non-permanent?

    -The Angry Birds burn and the comment about true controls are nice in that they express your viewpoint and get across what kind of preferences you have, but I think if you want to get across more of your viewpoint its best not to make simple comments about things that can rub people the wrong way. Either give a good, critical reason why the controls are better than iOS/Android (not just referencing the touch screen vs. button issue, but a concrete example of how it affects the game, I read the part about how the ABXY layout seems ill thought out, so it would seem like a contradiction of this comment) or drop it for a comment that is less likely to have people frown for a second. Gamers are a really diverse bunch who get extremely opinionated; they have lots of options for reviews, so if you want people to consider yours its best to avoid merely referencing hot button issues, or nip them with a really succinct and to the point critical focus and clarity.

    -Some of your sentence writing is a little iffy at times. For instance, "Following on from my previous review of Liberation Maiden, here we have another game that does not take itself too seriously." I know you mean Monster Shooter, like Liberation Maiden, doesn't take itself too seriously, but what you wrote actually compares your review to the game. Something like, "Following Liberation Maiden's cue (my review here), is another a game that does not take itself too seriously," might be good.

    Or, "There’s a surprising amount of perks within the game and adds some subtle strategy to the experience." "There's a" continues past the "and," giving us an awkward "There's a adds some" connected sentence. Again, I know what you're getting at. But something like combining the two ("There's a surprising amount of perks and subtle strategy that add to the experience" ) or adding the word "it," after the word "and" would make it a better sentence.

    -Along the same lines there's a lot of redundancy in your sentences. For instance, "...around maps of varying size, depending on the level..." can become more simply "maps/levels of varying size."

    -You said there is some good depth from the game, I would have liked to read more about how that comes about from the mechanics you described. I feel like I had a good overview of what the game does, but not how it does it, so to speak.

    Keep it at, I would like to read more of your reviews for 3DS/DSi games!

    Also is that the furnace guy from Howl's Moving Castle in your avatar?
    Wow, thank you for the really in-depth feedback it is very much appreciated and I will try to take on board everything you have said. Although I do love writing, I will be the first to admit doing it correctly really isn't my strong point. I basically just write what I'm thinking at the time and don't consider it thoroughly. Looking back on the review, there are plenty of omissions that I should really go back on and change.

    Firstly, the main reason why I wrote a review for the two games was because I realised that whenever I've looked at certain games on the eShop, there's very little information about them and although I'm tempted by them, I don't want to get burned. So I decided to take on the duty of reviewing them myself for those who were in a similar predicament as me.

    Also I don't find assigning a numerical score to a review a good thing. Far too many people would just scroll straight to the bottom and ignore the rest of the review. What is in the review is the most important thing to help people decide. For example, a 7/10 for me might be a 4/10 or a 9/10 for someone else depending on what's in the game. Everybody has different tastes so I do my best to state the facts and some slight personal opinion which will help people decide for themselves what their score for the game would be. So thanks for siding with me on that!

    Ah.. Yes, now you've brought up the perk thing which is my main omission. In the review I meant to mention that when you level up and add perks, they last only till the end out the particular level. People could have got that from what I did say, but I really should have made it crystal clear. Perma-perks are perks you can buy in the shop that last forever. Like you get 10% more health or something permanently. But there's only 3 or-so of these to buy.

    About the Angry Birds comment, I could have gone into detail about why this is a good game in comparison but even I know that overly long pieces of text, especially reviews, can make the reader uninterested. Personally I thought the line would have made some people smile. I don't know many people that would defend Angry Birds to the hilt, I think most people are aware that it's an average game that's way more popular than it should be. If I'd have said it in the same regard with say... Halo? I would have thought twice and that definitely would have been fanboy baiting.

    And the controls... I think everyone knows that controls completely on a touch screen can be total arse gravy. That's the main reason I didn't feel the need to justify the comment. And while the 3DS version does have it's occasional awkward moments, they are much better than playing with complete touch screen controls. I have this game on my Kindle Fire HD too so I have experienced it.

    I bow to your literary knowledge, my friend. I will try to take on board your suggestions for future reviews. It will probably be handy if I proofread my writing before publishing too, but alas, my impatience gets the better of me. Maybe I should just hire you as an editor. :lol:

    And yepp, that is Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle. :-)
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