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    rudedudejude wrote:
    The whole question of EU membership is just another example of the media manipulating public opinion by only shouting stories to the public that generate sales and get eyes on TV. And that almost always results in negative stories leading much of the media coverage.

    Whichever way it goes, pubic opinion and views above such as "We don't want to be in it" will continue to be shouted as as result of continued media coverage focusing predominantly on one side of the argument. And that's not even an argument anyway.

    I don't know the whether we should be in, out, or shaking it all about as I honestly don't know enough about the subject to comment, let alone vote. God only knows why we think the electorate should even potentially decide this stuff.

    It would be nice to hear informative, balanced information in the media that would allow the voters (if a vote is to go ahead) and actually make an informed decision for a change. And for this information to take center stage, instead of the usual "THEY TOOK OUUUUR JOOOOOBS!" headlines.
    I agree, and that's one good thing that should come out of this. Normally the Economist wouldn't write a header about why we shouldn't leave the EU, because the issue doesn't normally arise.
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