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    Ordered an upgrade via their (dreadful, non-functioning) website; it managed to dredge up an address I haven't lived at for over a year (the order process doesn't show you the address to which they'll send the phone 'til you've finalised the order). So the new phone will be sent there. Where - obviously - it'll be nicked by the new inhabitants.

    Cunt score +1

    Took over an hour to speak to customer services who then told me that they couldn't change the order as it had been despatched. When I asked them how that could be (given that they'd previously told me that there was a waiting list) they backtracked and said that their system didn't allow them to cancel orders.

    Cunt score +2

    So when I muttered and swore at them, they said they'd try and change the order with Cuntphone Whorehouse. Cue me sitting on the phone for another 30 mins.

    Cunt score +3

    Oh. And their call-waiting music is "Say my name, say my name" over and over again.

    Cunt score +infinity billion

    Maths proves them to be cunts.
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