#9146061, By bigbandluva From now on I'll just download the games to save me the hassle that IS DRM

  • bigbandluva 12 Nov 2012 02:06:57 28 posts
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    PC gaming has lost yet another buying customer.

    Was at the videostore earlier today for some ciggs, but knowing that my internet at home was going to be down I thought why not buy myself a nice game that'll keep me entertained during the night? Said and done, I picked up Bulletstorm at a decent price. Always wanted to play it but never got around to it. Loved Painkiller.

    Got home, and the internet was down, as expected. But who cares, I've got a new great game to play! Not!

    Install the shite, and when I try to open up MY game which I PURCHASED with MY MONEY the little greedy fucker asks me to connect to the internet to "activate" my product, and makes it very clear to me that I wont be enjoying MY GAME as long as the internet is down. How fucking stupid is this shit? I buy this game, but I'm denied access to it?

    Are the days really gone when you could just purchase a game, bring it home, install it and play it? Who is this twat that thinks that I canntot, infact, enjoy my game in solitude and peace, without any stupid tripe such as Games for Windows Live and constant internet connection? I deliberately handed you dicks over some of my cash, and I regret doing so.

    The thing that makes me even more mad is the fact that I would've avoided all of these problems if I were to simply downloading it, free of charge. I know I'm not the first one to make this remark, but something is seriously fucked up when the buying customer gets a product that's worse than the one you find for free on TPB, isn't it? What the fuck is wrong with PC gaming?
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