#9146799, By bigbandluva From now on I'll just download the games to save me the hassle that IS DRM

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    darkmorgado wrote:
    bad09 wrote:
    I think he referring to the piracy not the fact the guy bought a game and couldn't play it, DM hates those evil pirates that eat babies.
    Pretty much.

    Though it takes a special kind of idiot to buy a game that has GFW Live and Internet Connection Required slapped all over the fucking box and then be surprised when they need to use GFW Live and connect to the internet to play it.
    I'm pretty new to modern PC gaming. Played alot until a couple of years ago when i dropped it but decided to buy meself a new gaming rig not too long ago. Back then you didn't have to search the box malicously whether it will work or not, it simply did. The Games for Windows logo didn't mean you can't play the game w/o a connection either.

    And no, it's not "slapped all over the fucking box", a single, indeed very tiny, blurb at the bottom is the only thing that hints at this shit.

    I can't believe I'm justifiying myself to such a fucking jerk as yourself, but here goes.

    And you miss the point. The thing is that I would recieve a working product would I have downloaded it instead. Would I hade decided to get the game from TPB instead of the store I would probably had had a nice evening last night, instead of this shit. It's not right, IMHO.
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