#9147540, By bigbandluva From now on I'll just download the games to save me the hassle that IS DRM

  • bigbandluva 12 Nov 2012 16:38:57 28 posts
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    Ok, haven't been able to get the game started yet. This is bullshit.

    At first, the Windows Live inlog prompt that shows up in the game's title screen told me the activation code was wrong, the same code that I used during installation with no problem. Although I've already activated the game once with the exact same code, the bullshittery known no limit as this foul, foul software apparently does anything in it's power to fuck with me.

    Someone suggests that I'll could try updating this Windows Live Marketplace bullshit, but that only brings up more problems since the Windows Live bullshit isn't even showing up in the game menu when I do.

    I'm sick and tired of this shit, so I ended up downloading a crack just to get the friggin game started. What the fuck is this GFWL shit anyway, and why is it still being pushed by MS considering how much hate they seem to get?

    I know for sure I won't be buying another games for windows live game again. I will not endorse this stupid shit.
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