#9147815, By BryanAKADJ Is it just me, or has this generation been going on FOREVER?

  • BryanAKADJ 12 Nov 2012 18:06:21 284 posts
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    I just started high school when the 360 came out, spent hours and hours playing Halo 3 with friends at their place on the weekends, 4-6 consoles usually, one night we had a a bunch of 360s and we tripped the power breaker in the house, everyones except for 2 of the 360s and TVs power went off. I would also spend hours at home making a custom map and game for us to play. Good fun.
    Graduated now and have gone through 4 Xboxs? Could say 5 when this one goes out, I have the MW3 Xbox as a back-up right now. I resurrected my first Xbox 360 as it died on a Christmas morning, did the towel trick, the colour was screwed up but it lasted long enough. Funnily enough my 360 Elite had the shortest life.
    Probably going to wait awhile before I get a Wii-U, if at all. Most likely will though.
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